? Do politicians really care about our veterans ?

Politicians say they care about veterans - but they refuse to help veterans until the news media shows how badly veterans are being treated.

Example 1 Black mold, rats, cockroaches, and filth were found at the Army's top medical facility.

Example 2 There are an estimated 50,000 homeless veterans in the U.S.

Examples 3-100 Just do a web search on .. mistreatment of veterans .. or veteran suicides.

How does the Government's (WEP) law punish our veterans ?
During the time a soldier is serving in our military they pay into Social Security.   If they later choose to continue serving our country by becoming a police officer, a fireman, or a teacher, then our Government strips them of most of their earned social security retirement benefits.     * The (WEP) law does not apply in all states.
www.educationvotes.nea.org/social-security-fairness-act-fights-unfair-offsets- that-slash-retirement-benefits

Why do politicians refuse to repeal the hurtful (WEP) law ?
For many years, bills to repeal the WEP law have been drawn up and sent to the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee.   Year after year, politicians have refused to let the bills out of committee so the House and Senate could vote on them.

What can you do (that is easy and does not cost any money) ?
Just ask your local media to investigate and report on the importance of passing bills, such as Senate Bill .. S. 1651 .. and House Bill .. H.R. 711 .. which would repeal the Social Security (WEP) law.     Call or Email your Senator or Representative.       Mention or link to my website.